Welcome to my HeartART Notecards.

Brighten someone's day with one of my
original, hand-painted notecards.
Cost is for $26.95 per set of 10:

Size: 4.25" x 5.5" on heavy notecard stock
Blank inside

Check the bottom of this webpage
on how to order.

Here are samples of my original, all season,
hand-painted HeartART notecards.
You can select 1 of the following notecard designs per order of 10
or up to 3 different designs per order of 10:

Below are prints of several original paintings you can order.
You can select the same image for your 10 notecards
or up to 3 different images per set.

Below is one of my most popular notecard designs.
It includes two splashes of color with a distinctive gold accent.
I can add any words to the front of the notecards you'd like, including
your name, Happy Birthday, or Congratulations, just to name a few.

At your request, I can also use any two other preferred color splash combinations
to add an even more personalized look to your notecards.



Cost is $26.95 per set of 10 of my
individually, hand painted notecards.

Cost is $26.95 per set of 10 of my
prints of original paintings on notecards.

Size: 4.25" x 5.5" on heavy notecard stock
Blank inside

Shipping and handling are not included.

If you would like to order
any of the designs you see here,
contact me at:


I can bill you via PayPal*
or you can write a personal check.
(*PayPal incurs a small additional processing fee.)